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Beautiful inflections are ideal for filling in the holes on racks, tables, and walls, while additionally securing the space and attracting the eye to an unusual example, perky fly of shading, or an innovative deliberation of handmade.  Constructed of glazed ceramic, perfect for bringing a nature-inspired focal point to your hallway, gallery wall, and more. Our ceramic tile frames are completely handmade and reflect sophisticated and traditional motifs from hundreds of years ago. Hand coated and hand painted. Made of ceramic with high ratio of quartz.  Each and every piece is cautiously handcrafted by ace potters and is totally novel. These things are wonderful independent pieces, yet in addition presentation is set either on a table top or mantle piece, or mounted onto the divider - maybe over a dressing table. Ceramic wall paintings are designed to change the atmosphere of your home. Add a new style to your home with great designs. moreover, immediately get unmissable products at affordable prices.